Kale Salad with Spicy Peanut Vinaigrette

My lunch yesterday is in homage to my husband and I’s favorite salad at one of our go-to restaurants: Houston’s. We started going to Houston’s in NYC when we heard it had one of the world’s best veggie burgers. It is totally true. The veggie burger there rocks (but I do not love the waitress who told me that the amount of calories in it is practically equivalent to one of the steaks on the menu – she does NOT rock). Lucky for us since moving out of NY, we have found restaurants part of the Houston’s group in every city we have lived in (Hillstone in Boston and The Woodmont Grill in Bethesda).

Our most recent trip to Woodmont Grill had us splitting a veggie burger for lunch and a kale salad. Best. Kale. Salad. Ever. It was drenched in this amazing peanut dressing and I devoured it faster than the veggie burger (which is like superhero fast because have I mentioned how much I love their veggie burger?). My husband was convinced we could remake this salad at home pretty easily so after googling a million peanut dressing recipes, I am pretty happy with this version. Its very different than Houston’s in the end, but its pretty darn tasty! Its what I had for lunch yesterday and I have enough leftovers for another heaping serving today (yay!).


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Chocolate and Peanut Butterscotch Bars

Yesterday at the grocery store I saw butterscotch morsels and it totally hit a craving for me that I didn’t even know I was having. I picked that up along with some condensed milk, graham crackers and roasted peanuts (AND about 6 different types of cheese which I need to figure out what to do with…this is why I should never go to grocery stores hungry). I got home and wasn’t exactly sure what to make with my random ingredients but then settled on adapting this recipe from The Pioneer Woman – changing it around to match what I just bought. Much to my surprise, I have grown to love The Pioneer Woman because the recipes are always pretty simple and accessible. Plus its one of the only actual cooking shows left on the food network to watch amidst a million competitions (although I am not going to lie, I can…and do…binge watch Chopped for hours). Three words sums this dessert up: so freaking good.


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Egg & Cheese Muffins with Homemade Roasted Tomato Ketchup

Depending on your preference, I am either one of those weirdos who loves ketchup with her eggs or one of those truly awesome people that understands how amazing ketchup goes with eggs! I have been eating any type of eggs with ketchup ever since I was a little girl when I realized that there were a few condiments which I really, truly loved and would probably define my entire eating life. Ketchup is clearly one, but I could go on and on about yogurt (I will be making some recipes solely focused on yogurt soon enough). So I decided that in honor of my love of ketchup + eggs and my random desire to make something egg mcmuffin-ey that isn’t from McDonalds, I will try to make egg & cheese muffins with homemade ketchup.


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White Chocolate Chip Coffee Brownies

Starting my dessert entries on this blog with brownies is only fitting, since brownies top my very long list of favorite desserts. Honestly, I am not really a cake kind of gal (I mean, I will eat a slice if you put it front of me!) but I am DEFINITELY a brownie girl.

The brownie recipe I used is so tasty and honestly easy to make – it’s just a couple extra steps compared to using a box recipe. I add a layer of white chocolate chips and ground coffee to make it stand out from the usual party brownie.


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Veggies and Sweets!

This blog is dedicated to everything I love about food. As a vegetarian and a gal with a huge sweet tooth, I am always looking for new and fun dinner and dessert options that make my heart sing. I plan to post at least 2-3 veggie meals that I make a week and at least one dessert, explaining my personal twists on the recipes I find on the internet or have had in my back-pocket. I will also do restaurant reviews from time to time, rating them on a vegetarian friendly scale. Hope you enjoy my blog!