Sticky Rice with Mango

I am not sure when we first discovered the Thai dessert “Sticky Rice with Mango”, but it was within the past 5 years and it was definitely love at first taste for me. I couldn’t believe I had been going to Thai restaurants for ages before this and had never had it!

A friend of ours brought over some mangoes and although I like mangoes, it is definitely not my go-to fruit (I am a nectarine and berry gal all the way).  I decided to use the mango and try to re-create our favorite Thai dessert! It was nearly impossible to find the glutinous, sticky rice that you need for this dish at a grocery store near me, so I ended up ordering a big bag off Amazon.

This dish is really easy to make, so pretty with the mango in the middle, and tastes a lot like Kheer (an Indian rice pudding that I love).


I start by getting the ingredients ready which include the all important sticky rice (Jasmine rice just won’t do) and coconut milk.


The traditional way of making the rice is by steaming it, but since that seemed very complicated and I didn’t have a steamer, I ended up just cooking it in the rice cooker and it came out great and smelled amazing.


While the rice is cooking, I make the coconut milk mixture which is just coconut milk, sugar, and salt. I added some cardamom seeds too.


Then I cut up the mango which was very ripe and sweet. Very ready for eating!


You can combine the rice and mango on a plate and serve it just like the restaurants do!


Prep Time: 15 minutes   Cook Time: 20 minutes

Serves – really depends on how hungry you are – I would say easily 8 or more! Cut the recipe in half for a smaller group.


  • 1 cup glutinous/sweet rice
  • 1 can (14 oz) coconut milk
  • 1/3 cup sugar
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 1 teaspoon cardamom seeds
  • 2 ripe mangoes (or more if you want!)


  1. Put 1 cup of rice in the rice cooker. Add enough water so that the water level is about 1 inch higher than the rice. Start cooking the rice.
  2. While rice is cooking, pour coconut milk, sugar, salt and cardamom seeds in a sauce pan on high heat. Continuously stir while it reaches a boil. Then simmer (and continue to stir) for another 4-5 minutes.  Take off heat.
  3. After the rice is done cooking, stir it around and let sit in the rice cooker for a few more minutes.
  4. Cut up the mango and arrange it in the center of the dish.
  5. Combine the rice and the coconut milk mixture. Taste and add sugar if you want sweeter.
  6. Arrange the sticky rice around the mango in the center and enjoy!

14 thoughts on “Sticky Rice with Mango

  1. mukundvedapudi says:

    Jaggery goes well with coconut, maybe next time you could try it instead of the sugar. The color of the dish would change though.Hope you like it.


    • Sudipti says:

      Yes I think you are right that sushi rice and sticky rice are one in the same, although I can’t be too sure! Thanks, the mango is a great flavor for this 🙂


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